I'm a natural born planner - I plan my meals days in advance, my trips months in advance, and I used to even plan my outfits for school weeks in advance (I know, I know)! Apart from being *slightly*​ obsessed with all things French, I love organization, Lilly Pulitzer, the LSU Tigers, and a glass of red wine!

I'm a travel designer here at bookitbox TRAVEL. What does that mean, you might ask? I assist with all aspects of your trip itinerary design - crafting everything from what hotel you stay in to what kind of rental car you cruise in. I love researching the best hotels, restaurants, and activities for all types of travelers (seriously, researching travel hot spots and unique experiences is my perfect Sunday afternoon activity!). To say this is the dream job...

Hi, I'm Kelly Heck

is an understatement!

Meet Kelly

I'm a Virtual Assistant that specializes in the travel industry. In early 2019 I joined the bookitbox TRAVEL team to help create beautiful proposals and itineraries for our clients, as well as the personalized Travel Cards that come in each box. I'm an Enneagram 2 (appropriately named "The Helper" personality type). My main goal is to make Erica's life easier, so I take care of some of the less glamorous tasks that go along with being a Travel Advisor (data entry, invoicing, etc), so she can focus on the most important part...

Hi, I'm Amy Murtha!

Meet Amy

our amazing clients!!

Hi, I'm Morgan Greene!

you haven't seen before!

Meet Morgan

I'm the Social Media Coordinator for bookitbox TRAVEL and part-time Erica's travel buddy. Not a bad gig! I've had the unique experience of being a bookitbox TRAVEL customer, traveling with Erica to scout out destinations, and also creating content for the brand. I guess you could say I drank the bookitbox TRAVEL Kool Aid.

Social media is such a huge part of any brand in 2022, and that is especially true in the luxury travel industry. I'm here to give you FOMO and maybe even introduce you to some destinations and experiences... 

Isn’t it time you let someone else handle the planning? 

Whether we’re sending you to your dream destination or off on a surprise getaway, our mission is to remove the stress of planning and deliver a vacation package to create lasting memories—all boxed up and TSA approved.

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