Meet the Founder

Hi, I’m Erica Carr

I love notebooks, Nespresso, and brand new Sharpie pens. I’m a first-born Enneagram 1 (intense, right?). I love building things, systems, efficiency, organization, and to-do lists. 

I’m a self-critic (hello, Enneagram 1). A wife. An aunt. A foster mom. A ferocious traveler. 

I hold a lot of boxes (AKA wear a lot of hats) as the Founder of bookitbox TRAVEL. I am personally involved in designing each client's travel experience, every social media post, and crafting our Inside the Box Club emails.  

And I love every part of it.


It all started when...

...some of our best friends didn't have time to plan their trip to Spain. They booked flights to Barcelona, but that was as far as they got. Enter me - a first-born, Enneagram 1 who couldn't bear the thought of them showing up in a city for the first time with nothing planned to do. They gave me their trip dates, budget, and trip wish list and off I Hobby Lobby. Yes, the craft store. I knew that I couldn't just book them a hotel room and activities and let that be it. I wanted it to be an experience, from the moment they started packing their bags. So I got a kraft brown paper box, a bunch of envelopes, some fun travel goodies and started planning. 
Each day's itinerary and reserved events were in a daily, sealed envelope. Included were recommended itineraries, priority access tickets to the must-see monuments, off-the-beaten path suggestions, dining reservations, and even a 2-day interim vacation to San Sebastian, Spain.
Every night, they opened the following day's folder to disclose their plans. They loved it...and so did all of their friends on social media! And from there, bookitbox TRAVEL was born. 

And we're so thankful for our little bundle of joy!


Your travel experience begins the moment you decide to work with us. 
The box is representative of the whole experience. It may seem like a small detail, but shows the standard of excellence and attention to detail that you’re going to get throughout the whole process. We want every facet of your trip to be handled for you, but we also want it to delight you. 

What’s with the box?

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We take the boring out of planning

The box comes to your doorstep just a week or two before you leave. It has your itinerary, all the info you could possibly need, and more than a few surprises. In a world mostly lived online, we want to put something in your hands to get you excited for what’s to come.
Your out-of-the-box vacation, in a box. Consider it your pre-takeoff experience. 

and add in fun wherever possible.