Look like a hero and make your favorite traveler weep tears of joy with this tiny box of vacation fun.

Meet the Mini


small box.

The Mini is the perfect way to gift a vacation. It includes mini travel cards that let your lucky recipient know you've purchased them a travel planning session with bookitbox TRAVEL and to call us to start on the vacation magic. That way, they get to control the when and where.

You just gift, and go. 

big adventure.

Meet the Founder

Hi, I’m Erica Carr

I love notebooks, Nespresso, and brand new Sharpie pens. I’m a first-born Enneagram 1 (intense, right?). I love building things, systems, efficiency, organization, and to-do lists. 

I’m a wife. An aunt. A foster mom. A ferocious traveler. 

I hold a lot of boxes (AKA wear a lot of hats) as the Founder of bookitbox TRAVEL. I am personally involved in designing each client's travel experience, every social media post, and crafting our Inside the Box Club emails.  

And I love every part of it.