How much does it cost to have bookitbox TRAVEL design my vacation? 
Our design fee ranges from $395 - $1,195+, depending on several factors (length, complexity of trip, destination, number of travelers, etc.).

Why do you charge a travel design fee?
In order to make the commitment to serve our clients fantastically, the bookitbox TRAVEL business model does not rely solely on commissions from hotels, cruise lines, tour companies, and travel suppliers. If we did, we would be largely motivated to select a product (hotel, tour, experience) based on the commission fee; not what creates the best travel experience for you, our client. And that does not align with our mission: to create out-of-the-box travel experiences, in a box. 

Our design fee is your insurance that we will make authentic decisions based on our thorough research of getting to know you and your travel style. If you are a boutique hotel lover, and we find that perfect fit in Paris for you, but they pay a low commission, we're going to book it anyhow. Prefer a group croissant baking class over a private class that pays a commission? We're going to book the group class. 

Still want more info on why we charge a fee? Click here.

Do I save money by using bookitbox TRAVEL to create my getaway?
If you consider complimentary breakfasts at 5-star, luxury properties as saving money, then yes! Our goal is to bring you value to your trip, through VIP perks such as complimentary breakfast, hotel credits, room upgrades, and an overall better experience. 

How much should I budget for my vacation?
Ah, good question! In our minds, there are two ways to book a vacation: #1. You outline all of your travel wishes and we create the trip of your dreams, no matter what it costs; or #2. You tell us how much you have allocated for your vacation and we'll book as many of your travel wish list items as possible. 

Because our goal is to elevate your travel experience, we do have minimum budgets (that dreaded "b word"). And, of course, you can read more about those here.

How do you plan vacations to places you haven't personally traveled before?
This is one of our favorite questions! While we're working on it, we haven't been everywhere just yet. In those scenarios, we collaborate with our travel partners who are planted all over the globe, to create amazing vacation experiences. They are our best resource and we absolutely adore having them as part of the bookitbox TRAVEL dream team. 

Can we use my reward miles or points towards a bookitbox TRAVEL adventure?
We love rewards, too! While we do have an option for clients to use their airline points and miles for flights, we're unable to use your hotel loyalty programs. 

Can we call you? 
We're natural chatters, so yes! To ensure the best service for our existing clients, we do work off of scheduled phone calls only, however. Schedule here! Job applicant inquiries are not accepted via telephone - please apply here.

Can I schedule a complimentary consultation?
Our complimentary consultations are by appointment only. Please fill out the Start Planning form, which leads you to my calendar for you to select an ideal day and time for us to discuss your vacation via phone.

What is Virtuoso?
Virtuoso provides you, our traveler, with VIP perks and amenities that make you feel like a rockstar. Resort credits, complimentary breakfast, early check-in/late check-out, and room upgrades, just to name a few. Virtuoso is the travel industry's leading luxury network, allowing me, the travel advisor, to specialize in creating unique experiences you can't find online or plan yourself. Let's get you VIP'd.